Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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It’s warm today here in colombo, sri lanka. Which is kind of ok considering we have been having some severe rains and thundershowers. The weatherman predicts something close to a cyclone to hit the east coast in the next two days. Well the upper east coast of jaffna and parts of tamilnadu in India. Good thing we have planned our weekend in the west coast.
It’s been about eleven months since I got here. Well, sanne got here a few days earlier than me. We have just about over a week before we head off to India. No we haven’t packed a thing and a certain reluctance is setting in to leave this little island. Arriving here in January, making new friends, visiting the famed beaches and bays, shock at finding no real nightclubs to growing to love a lil joint called Clancy’s which takes pleasure in confusing you with a dj and a live band alternatively, this resplendent isle grows on you. Explains in a way why Sir Arthur C Clark has made it his home apart from a lot of expatriates.
Wish the advertising industry here was more evolved. Would have loved to stay on. but a career beckons. A desire to leave a mark in the corridors of advertising. Always knew the days were counted. For now. But I already know I will come back again for a taste again of this lil paradise.
This last week we take off to hikaduwa ( a beach town down south). Kind of like saying goodbye. The first beach that I went to when I got here. The beach that was responsible for a lot of friends I made here. In a way all of them.
Ullie, sabine if ya all are reading this we will have a drink for all the wild times we had there!! Apparently it’s rocking now!!! Last week was one leg of some surfing championship and is buzzing!!!! Should have some pixs for the next blog.
Sanne got her visa stamped yesterday from the indian embassey after only being told its not ready only once!!! I must say i am impressed with the efficiency of the indian embassey!! :)
i start work on the 19th of dec, a day after i land back in bangalore with rediffusion/young and rubicam. i am really looking forward to the euphoria, chaos and pace of the indian advertising industry. Sanne's resume has been send out to afew places. hopefully in a few days she should have her offers and a job in the HR Consultancy industry. Good thing all the bigwigs like E and Y, Accenture etc... all have their base their as well being the IT Capital.
Well! Just wanted to get an opening blog in. this is it. the journal that will take us back from sri lanka to India. What unfolds will be as chaotic and multihued as life always has been for me.

Peace and love

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  1. I want to wish you both a good and save journey to India.

    And I look forward to read some juicy stuff ;-)