Thursday, December 08, 2005

The First Hello

I stroll on the beach
The smell of countless life’s
Enveloping me
The raging storm inside
Lulled by the mild surf.

Sipping on mild poison
I watch unsuspected
As the cosmos unravel
The new quivering secret
That will become my life

I curiously look at this newborn
All pink and gold
I reach out tremulously to feel
And is grasped fast in warmth.
The tentacles drawing me in quick.

All my senses desert me
As I am mired in a psychedelic world
Filled with timeless love, erotic screams
And bottomless depth of filth.
Gasping, I say hello to my new love.

This is not born of my loins
But it elicits a response from it.
This is not a reflection of me
But is me nevertheless.
This is my soulmate.

I stare in to her eyes
And I see my madness
She shows me her soul
And I see my torture.
And then she shows me her love.

Deluged in it I fall to my knees
Warm liquid flow down my cheeks
As the shower of infinite love
Cleanses my body and soul.
A newborn again, I cry.

Hands reach out to me
Soft as a childs, warm as a lovers,
And strong as a mothers.
I gaze in to those eyes
And I see forever.

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