Friday, December 16, 2005

Hikkaduwa revisted

This is proving much harder than we thought it would.

Friday evening after a harrowing day at work we clambered in to our friends car and tried to make out of Colombo like bats out of hell. Only to have our wings clipped by other similar bats fighting for the right of lane. Weekend traffic!!

After a fair amount of road rage and a brief stopover at bentota for a beer to calm us we reached Hikkaduwa at nine past. We had booked rooms at a place called Rita’s. A cute lil budget place right on the beach that I had discovered on my first visit to hikkaduwa. And by now it is almost home from the numerous times we have stayed there and the people their always give us a warm welcome. We checked in, had a shower and was ready to hit the Friday night party that happens at “vibrations”. A friend of mine from work, shehara (bludgi) and her boyfriend also joined us a lil later for a pre party drink. The atmosphere was good, the vibe was good, people were out in droves. After all this is the season here!!

There was a faint sprinkle of rain as we walked out of rita’s and sadeesh suggested we take the car even though it was a brief walk to vibrations. Good suggestion cause as we were moving to the car the man up above tipped over his big blue bucket! It was a deluge. And that was only the beginning.

As we sprinted from the car in to vibrations the power in the entire area goes off!! It’s a blackout. Sanne runs in another way and I run a different direction!! Hahaha…. I did find a soaking wet sanne a lil while later. Good thing was even thought the power was out there was a drum ensemble who went wild with some groovy drum beats and the general mood of the party was back. the power did come back a little later and the dj treated us to some super cool funky house and techno. Somewhere early morning the party ended….more so cause the power went off again, we called it quits. Hungry and wet u can imagine the delight on our faces when we found a small lil shanty selling hot tea and “rotis” on the way back!!! munch munch….mmmmm…munch munch…. Lets go!!

The whole of next day was spend out in the sun, a little smimming, some body boarding and generally lazing around. The next day, Sunday, ditto. We had decided we would leave after dinner…. But it was a lil….bluesy saying bye bye. After all hikkaduwa was where we met….. J all the way back in march… all those memories kept coming back. It was a special evening. After a nice dinner we reluctantly drove back to Colombo. It was on to the last few days at work.

Wednesday we plan to throw our goodbye party…….

Bye bye blue skies.

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