Tuesday, June 17, 2008

European nights

It's good to be back here, back in netherlands. but as i write this i am contemplating buying a condom and &*^%()$# the @## of a certain ad man in cannes. Not even a nomination for a worthy act at the cannes lions.. and therefore i have cancelled my ticket to the cannes and decided to do something more enriching than fraternise with fat cats grown fat and dull. Does an artist need endorsement from anyone at all?? does a creative expression for a worthwhile cause which may somedsay tip the geological scale of our planet in favour of our survival need a nod from the "'idea'' men in temporary black suits.
Support. Voice your opinion.

The flight was uneventful. i think a flight attendant was trying to flirt with me. sanne thinks i am having delusions. which is good. india to paris to dusseldorf to netherlands. the flight was as good as it could be. the layover at charles de gaulle (see pic) gave me the opportunity to pick up my first bottle of absinth. ( saurav if ure reading this :P ). well its not the real deal but close enuf. the real deal shud be in poland. the green fairy waits hidden in the walls of aushwitz. absinth in aushwitz shud be shaky!
Its perfect weather here. perfect weather is in comparison to the fact that it cud hit 6 degress or less without much warning. i am in Brummen now. yeh.... its the middle of nowhere in netherlands. A land paused and forgotten in time. A land dedicated to living well. and living restful. Wild flowers in bloom. Cows in the meadows. smell of fresh cut grass. orange streamers festooned outside quiant dutch houses quietly screaming their football team at the euro. air. fresh air. deep lungfulls of fresh air.
Last evening we visited sanne's dad who is in the hospital with an infection. I guess this is where i am blessed as a traveller in europe. Tourists get the package behind glass doors. i get to go to a hospital :). it was quite revealing about our approach to hospitals in india. i mean one basic thing i havent yet figured out is why in the name of hippocrates should a hospital be painted in drab grey and blue and white tiles. Anyway without sounding condescending we all know what i am talking about. but well... the convenience, the technology that is easily available to nurture and respect life. someday when i am all old and ready to meet my maker i wanna be in one of these hopitals. TV over ur bed, a game room, room service, a restaurant to meet friends that also serves beer, pretty nurses, devices to ensure a painless death, oh! and a balconey with a view.

After that we drove over to Zutphen for a "'coffee''. :P chilled out in the coffee shop watching the football game. the bartender was really nice to us and gave me papers, book of reefers, bottle of water and a coke....on the house.

Tomorrow i need to go to the police station in apeldoorn . yes.... the journey continues. to a police station. we went to the local police station today for my alien registration. new rule. within 72 hours of oming here u need to report and sign at the local station. in my case i need to go to apldoorn. Police station looks like kindergarten. hmmm.... hospitals like hotels and police stations like kindergartens. Their motto? to be the citizens best friend. whats our cops motto i wonder.... does anyone know?

So tonight is a full moon night and there is holland game on! tonight should be fun. i will now slightly replan my schedules since those fatcats in blacksuits fucked up.

peace and love

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