Friday, June 20, 2008

Tingie ningie ningie ningie

20th of june. 08. Netherlands.

Yesterday was slow in the begining but got really groovy at the end. I spend most of the day lazing around, reading, listening to some music, updating the blog. At noon me and sanne went to the town square to do a bit of shopping and get me a haircut. :) yeh the locks are gone.

A friend of sanne, laura, met us at a cafe/pub there called the Old Dutch. There is a story about this girl i wrote fm my last trip. She is the one with the boat if some of you remeber the picture. She stays in a an old old castle in the town square. cool huh. How it works is every two years or so the town council puts up the house for bidders. well its not the money they check... thats nominal..but a clean record. it's like an interview that you have to pass to get this place. How in hell laura got it beats me. She is one wild child.

Well post a beer and all that the women went for "sex and the city"' the movie. I chilled out in the castle, watching football and then took a walk to " camelot ''. one of the .. or the oldest pub here. 29 years.

A few drinks here and a few drinks there and i made a friend. Baz. He gave me a cap as a gift and has promised to take me to his place in amsterdam today. He thinks indian women are beautiful, loves bangda ( tingie ningie ningie ningie ningie...) and loves the fact i support holland at the euro.

I leave you with some more pics. i head off to Amsterdam with laura and baz in a bit. Sanne is off with her cousin sis to an amusement park. I cant handle rides. I preffer a different kind of ride! :P

Sanne's house. in the foreground ou can see her horse- eidelweiss

At the Old Dutch.

Town square.

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