Monday, February 11, 2008

ING Vysya and that sinking feeling

hello people!
here is the ing life insurance ad that i was out shooting last year. comments are welcome!!! to see what the ad industry is saying about this film click on
and scroll down to views.

you can also youtube it at

Below is a synopsys of an article in agencyfaqs

and i promise i will write and update more! :P

Rediffusion DY&R. Bangalore. India. Creative Dir-Minakshi Achan, Arun Kumar R, Montoo Bassi. Copy-Arun kumar r, Kartik Venkat. Art- Arun kumar r, Sandeep K, Vishal V.

There was a time when financial services ads in India were dominated by a sense of dread and uncertainty -- a fear of what the future held. Then creativity happened, and banks and insurance companies trashed their dry adverts and started forging joyful, emotional bonds with consumers. In a new ad for ING Vysya Life Insurance, Rediffusion DY&R has attempted to strike a balance between joy and trepidation -- two strong emotions that money tends to evoke. The challenge for Rediff was to communicate the ING Vysya Life Insurance (IVL) brand essence, 'Experience the Joy of Fulfilling Your Responsibilities', in a competitive market.Rediffusion conducted research to understand consumer behaviour in the financial space, especially in insurance. Next, the agency developed the IVL Brand Blueprint and landed up with the core communication idea -- experiencing the joy of responsibility.Financial decision making in most Indian households is the responsibility of the provider (usually men, though women do play a key role in such decision making, especially in double income households). Hence, the target group for IVL in the insurance category is males in the age group of 25-44 years, while the secondary TG is women in the age group of 25-44 years. According to the Rediff team, cherished moments such as a wedding, the birth of a child, admission of children into premier universities or courses, or even thoughts of retirement, are very important in our lives. Each of these moments bring with them added financial and emotional responsibilities, which have to be fulfilled. It is at that precise moment when we learn about such joy that the sheer weight of our responsibility sinks into our minds. This has been juxtaposed in the ad with the actual "sinking" of the protagonists into the ground. The jingle in the ad basically says " these are joyful moments, but these joyful moments are a tad heavy"

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