Friday, April 28, 2006

the rush called life

hey ya all,
well at least the ones who havent given up on me! lol. at the expense of sounding like a broken record, ive been ... well we've been busy busy busy. :PPPP. and this is again a rush job.
jan and wilma visited us and are safely back in nl. I hope they enjoyed it. more beer jan? hehehhe........pixs will up!
i am on my way to goa for the national advertising festival. it's beach time!!! and getting a nation full of advertising people shud be just close to being declared illegal.
and sanne is on he way to bombay for a conf of her office. she would have just about now gotten to bombay. i am sure its going to be a completely revealing experience for her. big bad ugly bitchy beautiful bombay.
reports of all this soon!!! the beer is calling!!!!
live life well!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah right busy busy and still got time for beer???? Hmm sounds like your are very very busy :-P:-P