Wednesday, December 31, 2008

India shining - a collection of fictional stories from 08

2009. Didn't they make a movie called 2010? With flying cars and cyborgs in aamchi Mumbai? Sometimes film makers have been claimed as visionaries. I guess in this case it was myopic. Mumbai is missing a few bricks after terror attacks. ( the movie of course was gunned down at the box office, which maybe should have been taken as a sign of things to come ). It's not just our film makers that lack foresightedness but our politicians, our intelligence dept and also our average Indian "raja beta".

I think it's the glare. It's the blinding glare that has taken away our power to see in to the future. The bright white stunning glare emanating from "India shining". It's so stunningly bright that in the coming year there will be a surge in the sale of sun glasses and the recession be damned.

Dawood. That man has glasses. Nice burgundy tinted ones. He can see clearly in to the future. He too saw flying cars in Mumbai. The kind where you strap on a kilo of c4 next to the engine and when you turn on the ignition, ka-boom! You're flying!!!
He can see through the posturing politicians, he can see through the posturing vociferous film maker ( he also funds their films ), he can even see through the stock market!! You don't see him handing out pink slips to his people do you?

The Indian intelligence knows where the terrorist training camps are in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (pok) but will not blow them up.The global intelligence knows the house and street address of the heads of terror outfits but simply can not arrest them.Benasir Bhutto was blown up a day after she came home, but Pakistan says it's a friendly neighbour.( And they still do not have a suspect.)Mayawati has just put the collective rural population of rai bareli back in the dark ages by derailing the rail factory project but is still in power.

Mamata bannerji threw her spanner at mr.Tata. He wrapped up his works in bengal and moved out with his nano. The villager for whom she did this good deed is left scratching his head and his balls and wondering where his next meal will come. Ms Banerji is well and doing good.The Tamil tigers blew PM Rajiv Gandhi to pieces but we have Tamil political supremos interfering on behalf of the Tamil tigers safety in Sri Lanka.

India is shining but the average " raja beta" does not have a place to sleep, food to eat, basic medical help or justice.

The economic pundits didn't see the crash coming, America was gobbling up world reserves along with their big macs. Jobs galore. IT companies were the place to be. Financial companies a close second. The world was shining out of it's asshole.

And then it got diaohrea.

The shit spewed out and hit the ac vent. All the way from New York to Hosur.

So why are admissions in management schools still coveted? Why do we listen to finance gurus? Why do we still have CEOs heading companies in gucci underwears? None of them saw the future. None of them can even see the present clearly.

We do not need jargon. We do not need abbreivated words. We don't need "paradigm shifts" , "restructuring" or "new skill sets". We do not need posturing politicians who can not wage a righteous war but will promte internal strife. We need to stop listening to speeches of false sense of pride. We need to stop patting our collective backs. We need to get those shades off and see that nothing, nothing at all is "shining".

Half the world is at war. Your boss will sack you even if it was he/ she who got the bottom line calculations wrong. There will be more terror attacks and this time you may loose soneone but the country will do nothing.

This ship is sinking and it's every man for himself.

Happy new year!!!

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  1. Re:India Shining

    The intensity of the Mumbai blast complaints have subsided, hasn't it? I am not the least bit surprised. Having lived in India for more than 20years(rest 7years are discounted as I was unable to comprehend the world around me then). Public has a short memory. If you don't know that, the politicians definitely do. So they are experts in "investigating and discussing matters" for weeks and months until some other news fade the problem into oblivion. So you can be rest assured that if another terrorist attack happens tomorrow(god forbid)there will be plenty of "investigating and discussing matters". In fact politicians like Vilasrao Deshmukh and co, were let off the hook by being fired. They shouldn't have been fired or allowed to resign without submitting a proper report on the slip up and being accountable for it! We need to change our own system of law and order before trying to deal with outside elements, coz if our internal system is in order then the outsiders cannot penetrate our country. We need to have people who will not take Rs.100 to blink an eye at the security post when someone might be transport explosives and weapons. We need to arm our forces better than the terrorists.

    The politician refuses to give up his "Z" category and security because he knows that the country is unsafe due to his actions. If the country has enough security at the border, nobody would need individual security. So since the politicians are not interested in others well being they have cocooned themselves behind commandos. A few weeks back,24th dec 08 to be exact, I was flying from Bangalore to Kolkata. Me and my wife walked in with 2 check in size bags and 2 cabin bags right up to security check near the boarding gate and not a soul checked us!! There was a CRPF Jawan(central reserve police force) sitting near us looking for any "possible threats or attacks" below at the check in counter. That was a laugh. He was carrying an SLR(self loading rifle)obsolete in any other country not to mention with the safety catch on! Wonder how many bullets a terrorist with an AK-47 having a speed of 600rounds/minute can pump into the jawan with the SLR(with safety on) having speed of 20rounds/minute. And if this is the security which a civilian with no training can observe on christmas eve just a month after such a huge terror attack and having been issued warnings that Blore airport was a major target then there is no surprise when such attacks happen with such ease. Not to mention a civilian who walked straight through CST Mumbai station security with a revolver a day after the terror attack and went unnoticed! Have we reformed ourselves in order to be capable of dealing with an external force like Pakistan? I don't think so. Pessimist you might call me, but unless people are ready to run the country in a corporate structure with people accountable, our country I am afraid will never improve under a politician.