Friday, August 04, 2006


Hey all you lovely people!!! Thanx for all the comments. It's more interesting to write when there is an interaction.
Jeroen, chris i can understand the frustration bordering on schizophrenia walking out of that movie hall watching Captain Jack Sparrow walking in to that giant squids mouth with the two words "hello beastie". hahahahhaha..... but man what a frame that was!! jack caught in a side profile stance with his sword drawn back, hair flying, his stance firmly spread with the weight resting on his back feet.... "hello beastie". Does anyone know when the next part comes out??
Vanessa, of course i know u!!! i check your blogs. and you are pretty too. :)You'll find some eclectic comments there soon! :P. Ullie me darlin you'll get your "terrace compilation" soon. I am hopin i can hand it over to you in person. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!
and before this starts sounding like an email than a blog i'll stop.
we will have some pics up soon!!

kisses and hugs to all!

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  1. To late it already sounded like an email :-P