Monday, October 01, 2012

The A to Z of my life.

A can only be for Art. My first love.

B is for all three of my babies. Three original works of art!

C is for a precious, cherished, safe, warm and very loving childhood.

D is for derrieres. Nothing is the world is as beautiful as a lovely butt on a woman.

E is for English. A language without which I couldn’t have taken countless journeys through books.

F is for fashion. Everyone must look good. It will make for a delightful world.

G is for groove! Music, my teacher, mentor, mistress, therapist and time travel capsule. I wouldn’t be me without it.

H is for history. For the holocaust. For all that is past that is defining our future. History in all forms, books, architecture, art that takes you to a mystical, magical place.

I is for all kinds of ink. Ink in calligraphy pens, ink on skin, things inked in the heart.

J is for Jim.

K is for kodaikanal and the madness of youth. Dirt bikes, long treks, magic mushrooms, marijuana and heartbreaks.

L is for falling in love. That hopeless feeling that in contrast is only full of hope. That which you think you will never ever have when you go through a heartbreak but which walks in through your door silently and gives you a warm hug that’s all tingly too.

M is the greatest woman in the world. My mother. Warm hugs, warm cooking, warm smiles, warm tuck in’s, warm soups when you are sick.

N is for nights lit with candles. Nights of silent tears. Nights of hands brushed against skin that is full of promise. Nights that are epic, legendary and is a huge part of my history if I ever write down my memoirs.

O is a blank now. Something to be filled in the future then?

P is for princess! My greatest joy!

Q is for quaint. For quaint old houses. Furniture. Florence. Flowerpots. Birdhouses. Picket fences. Door knockers. And the eternal romance it brings.

R is for the distant rumble of thunder that is anticipation of a brewing storm.

S is for all the women with names starting with ‘S’ that have walked in to my life and left a mark. Starting with my mother.

T is travel. All those journeys taken and yet to be taken.

U is for unwinding. For lazing around on the couch, cuddling and watching movies and just dozing off and for making lazy love.

V is for Valejo and his erotic art.

W is for water. It is me. It is the sea. It is the storm. It is the drink. It is the lakes and the rivers. It is a waterfall. It is tears.

X is a kiss. Little ones. Long drawn out ones. Wet ones. Hard ones. Tender ones.

Y is for yesterdays and all the memories.

And Z can only be a blessedly good snug sleep.

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