Tuesday, July 15, 2008

miles and miles to go....

Whew! ok it's been quite a journey since i last wrote..... and i literally mean that... it has been quite a journey. From my last post i have seen the fervour of football watching the euro 08 in europe, the grandeur of rome, the imposing poetry of the vatican to christianity, the sweet romance of florence, the choking smell of death and massacre in Aushwitz-birkenau, the lovely friendly people in krakow, poland, a grand show called sensation and the tears that flowed in the indian embassy. And i must not forget netherlands and it's people. a country i seem to have travelled extensively when i look back. That has been several hours on the road, several hours on the train and on the subway, camping site to camping site to hostel to hostel.

I have met some really nice people, made a friend or two. i have seen poignant instances of blatant racism and been touched by acts of help and kindness. i have been to places that till now resided only in my fantasies and dreams. i have a few more grey hairs. and hopefully a little wiser and knowing.

15th july 08. tomorrow we leave back to india. has one journey stopped and an other begun. ah.... the slow anticipation of life... :)

i need to collect my thoughts before i pen down the rest of journey from where i left off.

peace and love


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