Friday, March 10, 2006


hey ya all! i know i haven't been updating the site a all! its been busy busy busy. just got back from shootin a film for ING. 5 states in five days! crazy schedule. and considering the size of the country each city is at least an hour and a half by flight. but did travel to some exotic places in the north of india. will have a lotta pics from there in the next update of the blog once i download them on my comp. i hope i can also put up an mpeg of another film for ING that was cut a few weeks back.
have two friends from london visiting us. gave them a taste of spiritual india by takin them to a temple. The temple run by the international society for krishna conciousness. they got to chant "hare rama, hare krishna" all the wa up the stairs to the altar. this is an offering you do apparently to facilitate world peace! hmmmm...... everyones gotta do their little bit.
sanne has been busy as well, but she still does find time to update the blog! dont ask me how!!!! hahhahah....
house is partly dne and we have settled in. still some decorating and designing to be done. pixs will be up on that as well soon!!!! :P
more tomorrow.
love and groovy vibes from us both!


  1. Yeah right promise promise promis just put those pics online:P

  2. B.t.w.

    I was checking the second comments of "Nederlandse test" those are porn links, maybe you want to remove them...